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Zimbabwe’s massive demand for smartphones highlighted

March 4, 2020 • Breaking, Companies, Editors Note, Enterprise Solution, Featured, Innovation, Mobile, News, Technology, Telecoms

HARARE, (ITNews Zimbabwe) ZIMBABWE’S growing appetite for smartphones has led to the latest gadget in the market selling out within three weeks of arrival.

GTel, one of the country’s leading mobile phone companies, has introduced its flagship X7 Plus.

“This smartphone has widely been accepted by the market as shown by how we sold our first consignment within three weeks of arrival into Zimbabwe. We crafted this smartphone specifically for the Zimbabwean market based on the customers’ feedback,” said Don Yambira, GTel Head of Marketing an interview.

One of the factors behind the massive uptake is credit facilities the smartphone maker has for government employees.

“We have credit facilities with civil servants. The uptake has been excellent relative to other years due to the strength of our brand,” Yambira said.

The company has been aggressive in marketing its products in the face of increased competition.

“When it comes to marketing efforts, we have tried to stay on top. Our success has been noted by the public as reflected by the number of awards we have won over the years,” Yambira said.

GTel has won the renowned Marketers Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ) Superbrand Awards for the Best Mobile and Gadgets Supplier over the past five years running.

“This has consecrated our efforts,” Yambira said.

With global trends emerging more towards online forms of marketing, GTel has invested significantly in digital marketing.

Recently, it launched a new chatbot, named Joy, over its Whatsapp platforms.

To date, the chatbot has processed over 7,8 million client enquiries, giving clients the ability to view the latest smartphone, view job card status and account balances all on Whatsapp, amongst other things.

The X7 Plus is priced at $370. It has a 3000mAH battery to power the phone for over two days and 64GB worth of internal storage operated by a 4GB RAM.

The Android8.1 smartphone has 16MP and 5MP cameras.

GTel was founded in 2009 as a franchise of G-Tide Mobile International.

It rebranded to GTel in 2011.

It is located in the Caribbean Islands, Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Over the years, it has diversified into other products such as prepaid electricity meters and solar equipment.

“Our model focuses on utilising both the retail and sales agents, with our retail footprint expanding to over 30 branches nationwide,” Yambira said.


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