Hansole Investments founder and chief executive officer, Engineer Jacob Kudzayi Mutisi. Photo by Wellington Toni, CAJ News Africa

EXCLUSIVE: Our ICT services are in demand, business is booming: Hansole Investments

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HARARE, (ItNews Zimbabwe)HANSOLE Investments founder and chief executive officer, Engineer Jacob Kudzayi Mutisi says while the country is facing serious economic problems, his business is booming as their services are in constant demand.

Eng Mutisi says in the modern world of business, there is no point in doing business without an online presence like a website, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

“The good thing about Hansole is the products that we offer are in demand. With the constant changes in pricing in all our products and services makes our Bulk SMS platform the sort after product.

“In today’s modern world why should one go into business without an online presence, you will be crazy. So our business is booming with the only challenge being that the majority of small enterprise struggle to pay in-full so we have to provide a payment plan,” he says in a wide ranging interview with

He feels all new companies should be forced to acquire a domain upon registration.

“On another note, I personally feel the Zimbabwe Investment Authority (ZIA) and Company registration should be working with us. Every company that is registered should immediately register a domain protecting local company’s identity,” the Hansole boss reckons.

The Companies Act has recently been upgraded to enhance the ease of doing business, but many enterprises, especially start-ups are yet to fully appreciate the new changes.

Aspiring businesses have been haggling with Government over the period taken to register a company, normally seven or more days, and mountainous documentation needed, but now that can be done within three days, at most.

Eng Mutisi says being a local company has given them the edge since all their products are locally sourced, save for back up.

“We are a local company our external charge is a back-up service that we pay US$600 per year and our bank has some-how supported us,” he says.

It should, he notes, a Government policy that all schools and colleges should have ICT basis in place.

“The ICT sector is the economic driver of Zimbabwe’s economy. This is the only sector that has continued to grow even with the economic challenge that this country is going through. It should be government policy that every school and college should have the basics in place.

“Every school should have a domain registered, website, email and payments platforms like One Wallet, Ecocash and swipe. Every school should have a communication platform that allows interaction between the school parents/guardian and stakeholders.

“That is easily achievable considering the mobile penetration rate of over 70%. The government is trying to push this agenda through but schools and colleges are not implementing this strategy as a matter of urgency,” he notes.

Turning to banks’ branch closures, the latest being CABS which is shutting down 18 branches as of March 31, Eng Mutisi says no one should be going to any bank now.

“The financial services are completely transformed because of digitalization. The only reason why one should go to the bank now is to collect his card of collect foreign currency. All the other banking services are now available electronically on your phone or on your laptop.”

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