Technology pivotal to Cape Town service delivery record

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City of Cape Town

JOHANNESBURG – CAPE Town, the legislative capital of South Africa, is arguably the most awarded city in the country.

Most of the awards are in recognition of its status as a leading global tourist destinations and luxury cities.

Most prominently, for the fourth year running, it received the accolade as Best City in the Telegraph Travel Awards. Three major awards hailing it as the best city or luxury destinations were conferred.

While most of the awards have been in recognition of the city’s resort status, The Mother City, has now been recognised for its commitment to embracing technology to enhance service delivery.

The municipality has been awarded two accolades- Business Transformation and Innovation- at the just-concluded SAP Quality Awards held in Sandton, north of Johannesburg.

According to Nazia Pillay, SAP Head of Active Quality Management at SAP Africa, the event is an ideal opportunity to acknowledge customers for successful implementation of innovative technology in Africa.

“We looked at projects that demonstrated excellent planning and execution, high levels of quality and a focus on rapid, cost-effective implementation that reflects the SAP vision of making the world run better,” said Pillay.
Deputy Mayor of Cape Town, Ian Nielsen, said the awards were testament of the administration’s commitment to service delivery, with technology playing a key role.

“Deploying SAP technology helps us manage finances better and intervene timeously in service delivery and emergency issues,” he said in an interview with CAJ News.

Key to the province’s enhanced delivery of services is the city’s Emergency Policing and Incident Command (EPIC) which uses SAP technology and spatial real-time mapping to integrate the directorate’s six emergency and policing services onto one common platform, facilitating collaboration and co-ordination across the multiple agencies.

“With it we are able to better manage our emergency services for example, and make more efficient use of our resources. We are also able to better manage capital expenditure,” Nielson said.
He is confident with such adoption of innovation, the city competed at par with other municipalities in the developed world.

Nielsen said with innovation at the forefront of strategies to enhance services to the public, Cape Town had not suffered the upheavals that have swept across the country in recent years as residents engage in violent protests demanding service delivery.

“We have a growing population with limited resources, hence we face similar challenges like other municipalities,” he said.

“However, over the past ten years, we have significantly focused on service delivery. Workers of the municipality are selfless and respond timeously to challenges the public face. They don’t just drive past potholes as if nothing is wrong,” said Nielsen.

“We have a strong leadership which is strict against corruption. We are against anyone misusing our resources for self-enrichment.”

Nielsen also lauds residents for complementing the municipality’s efforts.

“Over the years, we have noted residents from the so-called wealthy suburbs have always been swiftly reporting any service delivery challenges and our workers will be as prompt in their response,’ said the deputy mayor.

“I am encouraged that residents in the less wealthy areas are also embracing this. We are providing them with tools to report the problems they face.”

– CAJ News

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