Social media benefits outstrip evils

Social media benefits outstrip evils

December 14, 2016 • Breaking, Companies, Enterprise Solution, Exclusive, Featured, Security, Technology

Social media benefits outstrip evils

Social media benefits outstrip evils

JOHANNESBURG – SOCIAL media platforms have recently emerged as catalysts to unrest in South Africa but their benefits outweigh the misuse, experts said.

Snode, the cyber intelligence and analytics specialist, Snode, said while such platforms as Twitter might be divisive, its significance cannot be overlooked.

“As a source of intelligence, Twitter is a valuable source of intelligence and it should be utilised by business and law enforcement.

“It is an open-source data-rich platform and needs to be leveraged in the best way possible,” notes Chief Information Officer and co-founder of Snode, Nithen Naidoo.

While the potential for social media to be misused by a small percentage of users, Snode says that victims of crime and law enforcement have the
ability to fight back.

Naidoo points out in the US, a number of agencies are already using deep analysis within Twitter to track down dissidents.

The expert says South Africa needs to use available technology correctly, especially when it comes to tackling issues like crime within the country.

“With regard to socially relevant topics such as the student protests, having cyber intelligence at work can assist in gleaning vital insight.”

Twitter is among some platforms blamed for the proliferation of student strikes in South Africa.

– CAJ News

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