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Econet pulls Kwesé TV app from Google Play & App store, says service is not yet in Zimbabwe

October 5, 2016 • Featured

Econet has since pulled the Kwesé TV app (it was a beta version) from Google Play and the App store.

When we reached out to the team at Econet they pointed out how Kwesé TV was not yet in Zimbabwe.

Though Econet hasn’t shared any additional information on the status of the service we believe that this could be a case of pulling back an application from public access while the necessary adjustments are made to optimise it.

There were, after all, comments made regarding how the beta version of the app wasn’t entirely reliable.

However, it could also be a response to any potential regulatory nightmares that come with launching any sort of TV service in Zimbabwe.

In addition to the tightly regulated broadcasting space in Zimbabwe, Econet Media hasn’t had the most cordial of relationships with the State on issues relating to broadcasting. Until it gets all the necessary approval it has to treat any pending product launches in this space cautiously.

Managing that sort of issue is enough to pull any app and emphasise how they haven’t launched.



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