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New disruptors offer stiff competition to African telcos

February 14, 2018 • Breaking, Broadband, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Companies, Editors Note, Enterprise Solution, Featured, Innovation, Mobile, Press Office, SAP, Software, Sponsored News, Technology, TelecomsComments (0)

from SAVIOUS KWINIKA in Johannesburg, South Africa JOHANNESBURG – AFRICAN telecommunications providers have been alerted to the need to adapt to the challenges posed by a new breed of disruptors. SAP Africa executive responsible for Telco Industry Lead, Mariam Abdullahi, points out since the advent of the internet and the more recent emergence of

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Disrupt or be disrupted: it’s do-or-die for African telcos in 2018

February 14, 2018 • Companies, IT Guests, Press Office, SAP, Sponsored News, TechnologyComments (0)

by MARIAM ABDULLAHI JOHANNESBURG, South Africa -14th February 2018,/ African Press Association (APA) – NO industry will remain undisrupted in 2018 and the years to come. But for African telco providers, who have feasted on near-uninterrupted

Snap on the city safety belt

January 31, 2018 • Companies, Editors Note, Enterprise Solution, Exclusive, Featured, IT Guests, Press Office, Sponsored News, TechnologyComments (0)

by EDWIN DIENDER SMART, secure and evolved – this is the city that can transform the South African economy. The smart city is so much more than cool technology thrust into inanimate objects. It takes the elegance of the Internet of Things and wraps it

MTN issues warning on latest OTP scam

January 31, 2018 • Breaking, Companies, Editors Note, Featured, Finance & Banks, Finance and Banking, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, MTN, Press Office, Security, Sponsored News, TechnologyComments (0)

from AKANI CHAUKE in Johannesburg, South Africa JOHANNESBURG – CUSTOMERS must be wary of yet another scam by fraudsters who con them after asking for their one-time pin (OTP). Once the pin is obtained, the fraudsters are then able to buy data or airtime